Fast Food Meets Fashion

Guess which burger chain apparently has enough cachet to release a collection of limited-edition fashion T-shirts.

My “Promos” bundle in Google Inbox fills up faster than I can mass sweep it, but I like to randomly open a few emails just to see if anything interesting pops out. Lo and behold, this afternoon Spring‘s weekly email caught my eye (Spring is a design-forward mobile shopping app):

Loomstate x Shake Shack "Starry Night" T-shirt. ShackBurger in space!
Loomstate x Shake Shack “Starry Night” T-shirt. It’s a ShackBurger in space!


It made me do a double-take… surely they didn’t mean Shake Shack, the fast food chain, has line of shirts on Spring?! But there it was, the familiar hamburger logo, green and floating in space like a ship in Galaga.

Pew pew pew.
Pew pew pew.


Loomstate manufactures organic cotton T’s featuring their own designs, as well as collaborative designs on occasion. This latest collaboration with Shake Shack is “a natural fit,” according to a post on Shake Shack’s blog, since both companies make efforts to sustainably source their materials, whether it be organic cotton or humanely raised beef. There are four designs available, and they’re only available from Spring until 7/23, when they will be available from Shake Shack’s and Loomstate’s websites “while supplies last.”

Classic racial-diversity lifestyle photo.
Just a racially diverse group of friends living the Shake Shack lifestyle.


I actually like the “Starry Night” shirt a lot, since I love any design featuring the night sky or interstellar space. And I like the food at Shake Shack. But it strikes me as a little weird to sport a fashion T-shirt that unironically includes the logo of a fast food (or fast-casual) chain. Even before Shake Shack expanded to outside New York City and overseas, even before it became a publicly traded company, I wouldn’t have thought it had enough brand cachet to inspire people to buy merch. However, this is just a limited edition run that will surely appeal to hardcore fans, of which there are many.

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