Studio du Double-V

Studio du Double-V is a bit of an Instagram playground.  I respect a business that has marketing savvy and makes a good product, which Double-V does.

A friend suggested visiting after seeing the place tagged on Instagram (of course), so we stopped by on a sweltering hot day a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, no respite from the heat was to be found. The shop is essentially a counter with a small outdoor seating area. It’s tucked into the corner of what looks like a residential building on a residential street, but it’s easy to spot from the huge murals.

A colorful mural looming large over Double V.
The devil loves ice cream.
Order at the counter.

The menu features 9 flavors at a time, but I heard that nearly 100 flavors rotate through! That means there are plenty of interesting and unusual ones to try.

Flavors: sour cherry, cactus, green mango, olive oil, cardamom and grape, buckwheat, vanilla, rosemary and orange, chocolate. [S] means sorbet, [G] means ice cream.
One cup costs $110 TWD and you can choose two flavors. I chose sour cherry and rosemary and orange, and JW chose cactus and orange and rosemary. JW also ordered a waffle (it is a side order, not combined with the ice cream).

Sour cherry and orange and rosemary.
Cactus and orange and rosemary.

Orange and rosemary was so good that both of us ordered it. I wouldn’t have thought that those two ingredients complement each other, but they do! The orange is only lightly tart, and the rosemary comes in at the finish, leaving behind a savory aroma. I thought the sour cherry and cactus were both too sweet, which made it hard to appreciate the flavors.

Everything sampled had a great smooth texture, no ice crystals to be found. Even properly textured ice cream can’t stand up to Taiwan’s summer heat, though. You have to eat it fast (and snap your Instagram photos) or you’ll end up drinking it.

Wear blue.

Interesting flavors and the photogenic setting make this shop worth a visit. However, no indoor seating means sweating in the heat. Visiting at night might be a more comfortable experience.

Studio du Double-V
No. 3, Lane 85, Linsen North Rd.
Zhongshan District

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