Go Fourth

New York City is the most crowded city in the U.S., so it’s a magical time when it empties out, as it does during major holidays.

So, a few friends and I spent July 4 meandering around Flatiron and Chelsea, marveling at the empty streets. I did a lot of window shopping, and a little actual purchasing at Flying Tiger.

Flying Tiger is a Danish home goods/knickknack store, reminiscent of a certain other Scandinavian home goods store known for selling design-savvy products at low prices. It also reminded me of Kikkerland, another Scandinavian-esque (it was founded in NYC by a Dutchman) knickknack store. Though smaller than IKEA and more practical than Kikkerland, Flying Tiger offers items in the same style of affordability and charm. Do I need a giant clothespin, or an egg timer shaped like ice cream? Absolutely not, but the fun of the store is being delighted as you pass those items up for the more practical ones. Flying Tiger is an excellent place to find a quirky gift or party knickknacks.

We followed Flying Tiger with Fishs Eddy, a kitchen/home goods store featuring vintage Americana designs. I was unsurprised to spot several items that I’d seen in my apartment—of course E.S. owns items from this charming-quirky store! I guess you could say Fishs Eddy is affordable; however, I don’t think I’ll be able to spend $11.95 on a single plate until I’m out of my twenties. I’m still using pieces from the Corelle set I bought when I was in college. Stores like Fishs Eddy are for people who are settled down with tastefully decorated homes, people who own things like tablerunners and coasters. Adults.

Even though I’m still stuck in college-kid mode when it comes to home furnishings and decor, I liked Fishs Eddy and will probably return to get some bar supplies. Or, to pull the trigger on some ice cream cone-shaped cups.

Running Is a Mind Game

There was a time in my life where you couldn’t pay me to run for exercise. I loathed it. My younger sister, a cross-country team alum and aspiring ultra-long distance runner, put me to shame.

Things changed after I moved to New York City. Since arriving in 2012, I acquired a solid pair of running shoes, and about 25 pounds. That was enough to get me doing laps around Central Park. In early 2013, I made a significant effort to regularly run, and it paid off: I got really fit, and I got over my hatred of running.

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